[aprssig] internet -> APRS, and universal messaging

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 28 10:35:14 EDT 2008

Apparently I got bumped from the SIG and have missed all the fun
for the last 2 weeks...  (I'm caught up to 20 oct so far...)

> "The fault is not with OpenAPRS, 
> their system is as good as one can 
> expect from a verification system. 
> The problem is what follows." 
> That is exactly what I meant. 
> I can have the greatest front door, 
> deadbolts and locks ever made, but 
> it is not much use if there is no 
> back wall to my house!

I guess this is where Steve and I disagree about his open-door
policy completely.

Steve believes in keeping his front door wide open on the public
street to advertise the fact to everyone (ham and non-ham alike)
that his backdoor is also wide open.  I think that is not
appropriate on a public-portal to Ham radio access.

I think that any public "front door" has to have a modicum of
access control to protect that portal.  I don't care about all
the potential other leaks in the system.  Each public front door
should have a basic level system to validate access to only
those users intended.

But we have been arguning this for at least 12 years, and
neither one of us is apparently going to change our minds.

Bob, Wb4APR
(with still more email to catch up on.  Im only up to 21 Oct

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