[aprssig] RE APRSCE?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Fri Oct 24 23:30:01 EDT 2008

He is probably not on the SIG. I've been off more than I've been on  
for the last couple of years, and this is a good example of why.  
Someone asked a simple question. I answered it simply and directly.  
Someone else turned my answer into a chance to berate me for answering  
the question, and a chance to berate another ham for not making this  
hobby his top priority.

The Joys of APRS.

Steve K4HG

On Oct 24, 2008, at 10:50 PM, Phillip wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] APRS/CE?
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> http://www.aprsce.com/
> Rob hasn't released anything new in a while, but he hasn't given up
> either, he is just busy.
> Steve K4HG
> --------------------
> Hi Steve
>                 I would have thought that Rob was quite capable of  
> telling
> us why he hasn't replied to messages..
> He has some very pissed off customers who have paid for their  
> version of
> APRSCE and more who
> want to know what is happening with it before they pay for it as  
> well.. It
> behind in updates etc..
> Direct emails to him go unanswered ..
> Sunday, February 10, 2008
> We've had TAPR redirect the APRS/CE links here - hopefully we can  
> keep this
> site a little more up-to-date. Since last year, we've taken on two  
> projects
> and they're keeping us extremely busy. We're hoping to wrap up both  
> of them
> by June and will be able to direct more energy at updating APRS/CE  
> and the
> map editor. We do apologize for the delay on everything. If we pick  
> up some
> spare time (weekend, perhaps), we'd like to release a beta MapEd and  
> a beta
> APRS/CE with some bugfixes (Bluetooth, etc.) Send us feedback  
> anytime at:
> rob
>  iwhereto.com
> Yep sure is up to date and June has long gone ...
> 73 Phillip
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