[aprssig] Universal APRS messaging

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun Oct 19 20:27:08 EDT 2008

On Oct 19, 2008, at 7:26 PM, Gregory A. Carter wrote:

> Unfortunately no one can prevent another from buying a HAM radio and  
> using it for malicious intent.

The difference is your mother is doing something illegal and is under  
the jurisdiction of the FCC. She is totally responsible for her  
actions, and no  other hams can be punished based on her actions.

> Same goes for APRS, and when someone is detected abusing the service  
> typically HAM's pull together find the abuser and report them.   
> OpenAPRS validates HAM's based on their callsign and then locks  
> their abiility to send messages to only the callsign they signed up  
> with.  I'd be happy to open up the autentication system to act as  
> some sort of OpenID system that works for APRS-IS servers as well  
> but that is up to the powers that be.  I've never been  
> unapproachable about things.
> The responsibility can't be placed on the "web developers" for an  
> inherent flaw in the teir server software,

I'm not placing blame for flaws. I'm suggesting responsibility to  
protect other hams.

> we've done the best we can to prevent abuse but as you stated below  
> it is an imperfect system.

I disagree completely. I think as an APRS developer I have a choice to  
release only those things which will not place other people's  
license's (and finances) in jeopardy!

Steve K4HG

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