[aprssig] Regulatory compliance stuff

Mark Williams kf6yu at cox.net
Thu Oct 16 23:42:17 EDT 2008

This may be obvious but have you tried the FCC web site?  I've spent the 
last day or so researching Part 15 stuff for work and have found a lot of 
good stuff.  There are many other sites with good info as well.  Just Google 
Part 90 Certification or equivalent.


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> Patrick wrote:
>> Do you have datasheets for them?  I don't see them listed on your 
>> store...
> Not yet.  There's a service manual for the UHF version, the one for the
> VHF version isn't finished.  It was prepared by the Chinese manufacturer
> and I plan to do some clean-up first, but it's understandable at least.
>  I can email the current draft to you off-list if you want.
> Scott
> N1VG
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