[aprssig] Kenwood TH-D7A(G) Retired

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Sun Oct 12 22:49:00 EDT 2008

David Flood wrote:
> Lets see…the corresponding mobile radio (D700) has been out of 
> production for years now, the D7A(G) isn’t compatible with the EU’s 
> short-sighted anti-electronics plans (ROHOS), and it has a list of 
> unfixable bugs almost as long as there are active Hams in the US.
> I’m surprised it made it this long.
> Dave
No, no. There are no bugs in The D7, D700, nor D710, nor the separate 
head. They are the perfect execution of how APRS should work. If someone 
comes up with something these radios can not do, it must not be done.

[Let me get my tongue out of my cheek]

There was also a post that one of the key chips in the radio had become 
unavailable in manufacturing quantities.
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> Was I the only one unaware that Kenwood was retiring the D7?
> http://www.kenwoodusa.com/Communications/Amateur_Radio/Amateur_Radio_Retired/TH-D7A(G 
> <http://www.kenwoodusa.com/Communications/Amateur_Radio/Amateur_Radio_Retired/TH-D7A%28G>)
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