[aprssig] ISS donwlink of SSTV! (and APRS beacons)

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Oct 9 20:50:18 EDT 2008

Where are the details on this?  What frequency?  What's the ground track?


Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> ISS SSTV Operations Planned for October 12
>> from 18:00-21:00 UTC.  This is your opportunity...
> Due to hightened interest to the general Ham radio community for
> this mission, I again suggest that all Shuttle Audio
> Retransmission Faclities consider adding an old TNC and
> 144.39MHz APRS beacon to their system.  This TNC will alert all
> surrounding mobiles (with APRS display radios D7, D700, D710,
> VX8R, HAMHUD's, etc) that the retransmission is on the air and
> what frequency to tune.
> Just load the correct beacon text, set the rate to 1 minute and
> connect the TNC's XCD (external carrier detect) to the re-trans
> PTT line, then whenever the re-trans is on the air, then a 1
> minute announcement beacon will show up on  all surrounding
> radios.
> You may have to invert the sense of the XCD line.  Here is a web
> page on this APRS local alert system:
> www.aprs.org/On-Air-beacons.html
> I appologize for repeating myself, but no sense in adding this
> system after the Shuttle is back on the ground!  Now's the time!
> Here Is how it can look on the front panel of an APRS radio to
> mobiles in the area:
> +------------+
> | 147.45NAN  |
> | SAREX ReTX |
> | SSTV ops   |
> | Goddard    |
> +------------+
> Where 147.45NAN is the retrans freq for the WA3NAN radio club at
> NASA Goddard, for example.
> A nice reminder that HAM Radio is again active in SPACE!
> Who will put out these beacons unless YOU hook it up for your
> local audio-retrans guy?
> Bob, Wb4APR
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