[aprssig] TAPR T-238 or OT2m

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Oct 6 01:24:09 EDT 2008

Hi Frank,

I haven't used the T-238, so I can't tell you much about that, but the 
OT2m is my design.  If you're asking if the OT2m can use the GP32 chip, 
no, it can't.

What the OT2m CAN do is connect to a Dallas 1-wire TAI-8515 weather 
station directly, or an Ultimeter 2000/2100/800/etc, or a LaCrosse 23xx. 
  The 1-wire support is limited, though.  It'll take the TAI-8515 and a 
humidity sensor, but that's it.

Unlike the T-238, it's also a tracker, digipeater, KISS TNC, and so 
forth.  It has no display.

If you want to wait a while, I've got another kit in the works that 
might work for you.  It's based on the OpenTracker+, but it's 
specifically for weather stations.  It'll plug into the anemometer, wind 
vane, and rain gauge setup that I'll be selling to go with it.  I'm 
planning on a display option as well.  It'll probably be at least a 
couple of months, though.  Too many irons in the fire!

Speaking of cheap weather stations, I just saw some preview thing on the 
Discovery channel for a show on storm chasers that showed them deploying 
some sort of remote wind monitoring station.  Anyone know who's using 
those things and what they're using?  I've got a warehouse full of wind 
sensors (well, about 4 pallets worth anyway) and I figure those guys 
have got to be almost as good as the high-altitude balloon folks for 
lost hardware and repeat business.  =]


franky capra wrote:
> Hallo all
> I'm confuse which one too built.
> the T-238 or OT2m.
> the T-238 with GP32
> and the OT2m with AP64(looks great)
> I had two GP32 and planned to purchase the OT2m board from argent data.
> Was that OK using GP32 at OT2m board?
> Cheers
> Frank

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