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Yes, indeed.  I have the Batteries America pack, and the Sanyo 2,700 mAh batteries.  The unit rans for something like a full day, beaconing every few minutes and simultaneously powering an EM-406 GPS unit via some wires tapped into the pack through a little hole in the side.  Without the GPS load it would last even longer.  The only down side is that you don't get the full power output.

As documented, the battery holder has a diode in series with the negative side of the battery string, preventing the batteries from being charged.  But, that can be "fixed"...  I found it was fairly easy to hook a small wire onto one end of the diode, where it attaches to the external contact.  You kind of have to put a little hook in the end and fish it under the lead.  A tug on the wire seemed to lodge it pretty well in contact with the diode's anode.  The other end of the wire is snaked up the side of the case, and stuck into the coil spring of the last negative battery contact.  That contact is already wired to the diode cathode, so the added wire shorts out the diode, allowing the pack to get charged by the radio.  It seems to only take about a day and a half or so to get a full charge from an exhausted pack.  Slow, but usable.  Just be careful not to leave the wire in place if you switch to Alkaline batteries!  They don't appreciate being charged.

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> Kevin Deckert wrote:
> > Where can one find good quality higher capacity batteries for the kenwood D7 
> > ?
> >
> > Kevin Deckert, VE7WHK
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> Check out the Batteries America replacement back for the TH-D7.  It's a 
> direct exact-fit replacement for the standard Kenwood battery pack but 
> is a holder that can contain 6 AA-sized standard cells. You can use 
> either disposable alkalines or MNiH rechargable cells.   
> The back + 6 Nickel Hydride cells costs less than a single original 
> Kenwood pack, and when you load it with 2700 mAh AA cells it has almost 
> three times the capacity.  Details at:
>       <http://www.batteriesamerica.com/kenwood1.htm>
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