[aprssig] UHF Frequency for APRS

R.M. King krm1012 at qwest.net
Wed Nov 26 15:59:41 EST 2008

We here in the Pacific Northwest have been operating APRS on UHF for several 
years.  We are using 440.800MHz  9600 Baud.  The results are outstanding. 
Total packet length is about 1/3 that of 1200 Baud and therefore we don't 
suffer the man-made interference from noise and qsb/flutter nearly as bad as 
it is with 1200 Baud.

Range is very good and often outperforms the VHF network.

I would like to have a standard UHF frequency for 9600 Baud operations.

Our approach here was to look at the WWARA (Western Washington Amateur Relay 
Assosiation) by-laws for packet operations in our area and then picked a 
frequency to monitor for about a week for activity.  If there was little 
activity, we started operations on that frequency.  We have had no 
complaints on the frequency in use now. (440.800MHz)

No frequency is going to be clear for all of USA.  But if we just start, 
over time a predominant frequncy will eventually show up.

Bob King


krm1012 at qwest.net

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