[aprssig] Beacon rate feedback

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Nov 24 16:52:06 EST 2008

>> Since I view APRS as a network of souls 
>> trying to communicate in the wilderness,
>> ... I like the 1 minute direct rate of 
>> proportional pathing so that I can easily 
>> detect a fellow soul when we get within 
>> Voice Alert range.  At a 120 MPH net 
>> crossing speed and a typical 5 mile
>> simplex comm range, this only gives 2 hits 
>> to possibly make contact before we pass 
>> each other. 
> So what is the point of this? 

I guess it's a thrill to me to make contact with another human
who has information to share rather than seeing just another
inanimate ICON on a map...  When I make contact then we quickly
try to negotiate a repeater to extend the QSO and find out more
about the route and traffic ahead...  Nothing better than eyes
coming from the other direction..

> All you'll get is a contest-style hello-
> goodbye  exchange, since as you point out 
> you will be out of range again almost 
> instantly, especially out here in the 
> hilly/mountainous west. 

With so many repaters these days being PL, I can drive for hours
and if I am lucky enough to hear a QSO, rarely can I find the PL
to join in... But Voice Alert always works and with two of us in
the QSO we double our chance that one of us has found the PL to
a nearby repeater, or can share the Freq and PL and traffic
situation further down the road for the other guy.

To me as a traveler, APRS is the tool for the mobile operator to
improve his traveling, traffic, and communications situational
awareness, and has little to do with icons on maps.

Bob, Wb4APR

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