[aprssig] REF:Mac APRS > <New iMacs

Matthew Stennett wa4tkg at iwon.com
Mon Nov 24 09:00:59 EST 2008

I'll let 'ya know how it works out.

I guess I'm the only one running APRS on an iMac ?
Sounds a lot to me like when I was the 2nd APRS user in
Tokyo/Chiba area....Jeeezzzz; 

Try this link -- updated April 2008:


Anybody know the status of Keith?  I don't think there has been any
update in over a month.


Matt, you mean this?


Both download links are dead

That page says it hasn't been updated since 1996(?)

Sounds to me like MacAPRS is no longer really a player in this game.

You may well want to explore other options.

Matthew Stennett wrote:
> I am awaiting a new iMac to be delivered, and was wondering how I 
> could run MacAPRS on it. Still need a Serial > < USB adapter to do it 
> ?
> Matt

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