[aprssig] Shapefile Problem

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Fri Nov 21 03:47:50 EST 2008

In the last few days weather warnings have been made available for aprs 
in Australia.

Those of us running xastir have encountered a common problem in that the 
warning area is not defined and coloured (filled) on the display. The 
object icon is displayed. If auto-fill is enabled in Map Properties the 
entire map is grey, with black county outlines.

Many of us have been attempting various configuration options to 
overcome this issue and we'd appreciate any guidance from those more 
experienced with shapefiles. I have the various files - shp, prj, shx 
and dbf files in maps/Counties. At least some others have an identical 
directory structure.

What we are seeing are the shire (county) outlines and the shire names.

We have loosely touched on the possibility of the Australian data being 
in an incompatible format.

Ray vk2tv

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