[aprssig] 220 MHz transceivers

Alex Carver kf4lvz at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 09:06:38 EST 2008

> From: Chris Rose 

> Another thought is the 364mhz freq.  On AM this is in the
> Military Air range.  Any refueling tracks fly over you?  Any
> Military Operations Areas? Any Government installations?
> Chris 

Nope.  I live in the downtown area of Atlanta.  Absolutely no flyovers of a tanker would ever be permitted.  The most we ever see are the occasional fighter jet or troop helicopters but they are confined to fly along the interstate corridor and away from the buildings.  The military installations are at least 30 miles away.  The digi I can hear is only 50 watts, 70 feet in the air (10 feet above the roof of a 5 story building), and about a quarter mile away.

The only other government buildings anywhere close are the State Capitol and the Federal Reserve.


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