[aprssig] 220 MHz transceivers

Alex Carver kf4lvz at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 13 12:39:15 EST 2008

> From: Scott Miller
> Subject: [aprssig] 220 MHz transceivers
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> The company that developed the 2-meter data transceivers
> I'm carrying 
> now 
> (https://www.argentdata.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=110)
> has developed a 220 MHz version as well.  Would anyone be
> interested in 
> this for APRS?  I'd buy a batch regardless, but
> credit's gotten a little 
> harder to get lately and I'd rather not sit on a bunch
> of inventory 
> that's not going to move.
> I really know nothing about 220 utilization in the local
> area - I've 
> always been under the impression that there is very little,
> if any.  Not 
> sure if that's true for the rest of the country.

220 has hot spots in a few places.  Atlanta has a couple (one actively used) and I have heard APRS on another 220 frequency.  I spotted it one day when I scanned through 220 on my D700.  When I heard it, I let the radio decode it and sure enough it was APRS on 222.090.  As I understand, California is also a hot spot for 220 activity.


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