[aprssig] VHF data transceivers available

David W. Barrow III DavidBarrow at wi.rr.com
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	I took a look at the manual.  You might want to check the spelling of both
"reading" and "writing" in the illustrations of frequency programming.  I
realize that this is "nit-picking" but I thought that you might have been
too involved with the production to notice.

	Best wishes for success.

73 de Dave, N9UNR

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The VHF version of the 5-watt synthesized transceiver I posted about the
other day is now (finally) available:


T2 boards are still in the works.  Unlike the UHF units, these will do 5
kHz and 6.25 kHz channel spacing.

The service manual still shows only the UHF version, but the pinouts and
important specs are the same.



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