[aprssig] 70cm 5-watt transceivers available

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Nov 4 18:51:10 EST 2008

> Is the description on the web page about channel steps correct? 
> We need 5/20 KHz steps to be usable in southern California.    [The UHF 
> band here was refarmed from 25/12.5 to 20 KHz steps some time ago.

For this batch, I believe that's correct.  That was the hold up with the 
VHF version, and the manufacturer had to modify the firmware to support 
5 kHz and 6.25 kHz steps.  The configuration program still has a glitch 
because of that, which is why I'm not selling those yet.

The next batch of UHF units should have selectable steps as well.


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