[aprssig] APRS "Paging"

Matt Murphy matt.kc8bew at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 04:59:24 EDT 2008

I was doing some browsing around at work (spare time of course <wink>) and
came across something interesting.  German hams were working on a system
that utilized a pager to pass packet information.  The system is called SAMS
(Short Amateur Message System).  A description is here
radio portable.html <http://www.dd1us.de/amateur%20radio%20portable.html>>
you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page.  From what I see it is
1200bd signal on VHF & UHF received on an alpha/numeric pager.

I haven't found any current information but it looks interesting and would
like to know if anyone may know the status of the project.  Sounds like
something that could be used for APRS?

Matt Murphy, kc8bew
Muskingum Co. ARES EC
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