[aprssig] Trying to identify GPS Modules?

Arno Verhoeven (PE1ICQ) pe1icq at sharon.esrac.ele.tue.nl
Sun Mar 30 07:19:57 EDT 2008

Jack Chomley wrote the following on 2008-03-30 12:54:
> Hi everyone,
> Went to a Ham goodies disposal sale today, and ended up with a small box 
> of 5 GPS modules, some of which I can identify and.....2 that I am not 
> sure of. I suspect they are Deluo units, but probably older models.
> I am in need of pin out & wire ID for them, hoping to set one up on a 
> D700, the other on a D7.
> Small 30k images here:   http://www.lprs.com.au/gps/
> Any ideas/help appreciated, or links to info.
> The other 3 GPS units are not much use for APRS I don't think as 2 of 
> them are USB and the third one is a bluetooth unit that can be paired 
> with a Mobile Phone?

De mnodule on for gps2a, b, and c look like a Polstar PGM-111.
I am not sure who is the original manufactures, it seems that that
module is on the market with different brandnames.

It has a Sony CXD2951 chipset.

73, PE1ICQ  Arno Verhoeven

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