[aprssig] D7 Battery Life

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Mar 29 09:48:37 EDT 2008

>> I've heard that the battery life is a bit short. 
> Abysmally so

I wouldn't say it that way.

Its life is no different from any other HT if you set it up right.  But the reason for having the D7 is not to be like any other HT, but to be doing all of these things at the same time:

1) Monitoring 144.39 for APRS
2) Not using power-saver mode (NG for packets)
3) Monitoring 144.39 for Vlice Alert calls (VOL up)
4) Using Band B for other voice traffic (VOL up)
5) Not using power-saver mode on band B either
6) Keeping the TNC running all the time
7) Transmitting packets periodically.

Now, if you want to compare the D7's battery life with any old garden HT, then turn off 1,2,3,5,6,7 and keep only 4 running.  Then you will find that its battery is no different from any other HT.

Also, you can buy aftermarket NIMH packs that have TWICE the capacity of the original that are the same size package.

My experience is that my D7 will easily last the few hours of most special events, though taking a spare battery is always the prudent thing to do.

For normal non APRS operation, you can turn off the TNC and band A with only two key presses.


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