[aprssig] Low-cost weather station

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Sat Mar 29 04:24:48 EDT 2008

At some point, someone needs to ask this.
I guess I'll play devil's advocate.
Low cost is always a consideration for most of us, 
especially in various aspects of the hobby which we
don't directly need in fulfilling our primary goals,
Getting "on the air" and "talking" or "communicating".
Increasingly, data may fulfill this role as primary.

My question is, how do these sensors compare, in the following aspects:

1)  Durability - will they be reliable?
When a big blow renders an anemometer dead, at a remote site,
it may likely be dead for quite a while.  Then the question arises
as to whether it's financially wise to replace it.

2)  How is the accuracy?
How do the sensors compare to the typical, low-end consumer grade stuff
(Peet, Davis, etc).

3)  Is there any provision for upgrading due to changes in things like
WMO reporting requirements?  I suspect, like most other low end stuff,
It's pre-programmed and cannot be changed.  Most likely, it doesn't
Conform to current NWS/WMO standards.  Most folks don't care, but I
To provide "bad" data (i.e. data not in current compliance with current
Reporting standards).  If you're using it for your own personal use,
Not an issue.  If you forward the data to NWS/CWOP, you should care and
Be aware of the implications.

4)  Are there provisions for calibrating these sensors.  Especially
Software offsets... maybe I expect too much.

5)  Scott, will you assume responsibility for US customer support,
replacement, all that??

Don't shoot me for just asking.
Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA

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I think without the humidity and pressure sensors it'll be competitive 
with the AAG 1-wire station - and with the sensors, cheaper than the AAG

station with the equivalent sensors added.

It should leave me with several cubic meters of space left over in the 
container, so I'll be looking at other stuff I can get at the same time.

  Lots of cables, for starters - those are expensive to ship in small 


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