[aprssig] Re: !DAO! question

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 28 13:20:29 EDT 2008

> I just enabled the DAO support on the OT.
> I can't see how this increases the resolution ?
> So how does just by adding !W46! increase res ?

The !DAO! Construct was invented to be able to add higher
precision to all future APRS code that was fully backward
compatible with all existing code.  In otherwords, existing code
would still display the new object or station at at least the
minimum precision that it already had.

This prevents such new high-precision "senders" from
disappearling off of all existing 30,000 users displays...

Anyone can transmit !DAO! At any time.  But to receive and
display that added precision, then the receving application has
to implement the higher precision, parse the !DAO! and use it or
display it.

So get a client that supports it.  But higher precision is
meaningless without sender and receiver using the same datums
and corrections.  So that iw why DAO includes provision for that
kind of handshaking as well

Good luck

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