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Bill Borgstrom bill_borgstrom at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 26 15:09:13 EDT 2008

Hi Mark
  I never did operate APRS while in Mexico or offshore.  I did use the marine SSB radio on 20 and 40 meters.  See below.
  I'm back  from the Puerto Villarta to San Diego boat return. I was hired to return a 50' sailboat from Puerto Villarta to San Diego. The owner and racing crew had a great time racing from  San Diego to Puerto Villarta but no one wants to bring the boat back because the wind is constantly in your face and your motoring almost all the time.  We had 115 gallons of diesel in plastic containers lashed up on deck.  We  made two refueling stops in Cabo San Lucas and Turtle Bay.
  First day out, 5 of the 7 crew members were sea sick and puking. Only Les and I didn't puke.  Twice, crew was threatening to jump ship but no one did.  The trip ended on a good note with very fine weather the last two days.
  The trip lasted 8 days, was 1200 nautical miles long and was in three different time zones (Central, Mountain and Pacific).  The days were mostly good but the nights were very cold and the wind was in your face all night long (not to mention salt spray). We stopped briefly in Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada and stopped over night only once (in Turtle Bay). We also anchored briefly for dinner behind a spit of land near Magdalina Bay.
  Twice, I checked into the 20 meter ham radio net (Maritime net) and was able to pass messages while at sea. My first one-way back to Chicago was via a Hawaiian station who delivered the message via his land line. The next day I made two phone patches to Chicago and Florida via an Albuquerque station.  The boat's marine SSB radio (SEA model 235) allowed ham radio operation by typing 73 followed by the function key.
  I also talked to my buddy Reinhard DL1UF in Phoenix on 20 & 40 meters.  Reinhard was able to provide a phone patch to Chicago by holding his mike close to his speaker.  Reinhard has a super station with a 40 meter beam as well as numerous other beams.
  Once we were close to shore, about 1/2 way up the Baja coast.  We saw a cell tower on a hill near a small town.  We had cell phone coverage for about 30 minutes.
  We carried almost 200 gallons of water in three tanks. After the crew ran two tanks dry I said no more showers except salt water showers.  A few of us took salt water showers by dipping a bucket into the ocean and pouring a cupful over themselves at a time (the water was cold).  I told everyone to bring a bar of Zest instead of soap. Unlike soap, Zest works in salt water.
  We saw a lots of marine life, whales, porpoises, seals, pelicans, terns and cruise ships. We had flying fish, squid and miniature shrimp washing up on deck.
  I have plenty of photos from the trip.  I will post photos form the voyage on a U Tube type of web site.
  At the end, my crew told me it was a great experience but they probably wouldn't want to do it again.
  73 Bill N9TN

Mark Fellhauer <sparkfel at qwest.net> wrote:  At 08:49 AM 2/27/2008, Bill Borgstrom wrote:

>Tommorrow I leave for Puerto Vallarta Mexico and I will be bringing a 
>sailboat back to San Diego.

I just got back from a 5 day cruise on the Carnival Elation to Cabo San 
Lucas. What a great time. Plenty of whales off Cabo.

I didn't bring along a scanner, and Carnival forbids HAM transceivers...

The seas were about as calm as they could be. I hope you have smooth sailing.



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