[aprssig] APRS Symbols update

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Mar 25 17:45:52 EDT 2008

Mark - N8MNI wrote:
> Ok, I have never added a new symbol file to UI-View32
> So how would I go about adding the new list. Do I just rename it to 
> symbols.txt after I save the old symbol.txt file?
> What do I do with the overlay series?
> A little help please.
> Mark

This requires editing two Windows BMP files (that contain the actual 
icon symbols) in an image editor like Paintshop or Photoshop and editing 
a text file ( symbols.txt).    The revised ready-to-install symbol set 
for UI-View (prior to this latest update) is downloadable from my 
website at:


as are several pages of notes on other updates and tweaks for UI-View.   
As soon as I clarify some issues relating to the latest changes, I will 
be posting a newer version of UI-View symbol replacements to my web site.

In addition to editing the actual bitmap images, you have to modify 
symbols.txt.   To get UIview to render the new overlays in it's 
internally-displayed maps (i.e. not in external display plugins like 
UI-Point, UI-Route, etc),  will require revision of the _symbols.ini_  
file that is part of UI-View's symbol display mechanism.   This is an 
excerpt from    symbols.ini     for illustration.

REM                Primary Table                  Alternate Table
REM   Symbol   GPSxyz Index    Description     GPSxyz Index    Description
REM   ------   ------ -----    -----------     ------ -----    -----------
        !,      BB,     0,      Police Stn,     OB,     0,      Emergency
        ",      BC,     1,      No Symbol,      OC,     1,      No Symbol
        #,      BD,     2,      Digi,           OD,     2,      No. Digi
        $,      BE,     3,      Phone,          OE,     3,      Bank
        %,      BF,     4,      DX Cluster,     OF,     4,      No Symbol
        &,      BG,     5,      HF Gateway,     OG,     5,      No. Diam'd

[I update this file as part of new symbol set introductions.  The 
overlayable symbols requires placing "No. " in front of the symbol label 
as in "Digi" and "HF Gateway" above.  Note that "No" without the period, 
as in "No Symbol", denotes an unassigned slot.  "No." WITH the period 
and following space denotes an active symbol slot that is overlayable. 
Further, note that the entire Description field is limited to about 10 
characters due to a un-changeable  parser inside UIview. Placing the 
"No. " prefix on a symbol description, limits the label that shows in 
the selection dialog to only 6 characters ]


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