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>From the responses on this initial message it seems that CarPuters could be
very popular among hams, look at the number of replys just off of this one
message on the list.MP3CAR.COM is interesting but I do not quite care for
it. I am wondering if it would warrant a HamCarPuter mailing list?

I am looking it install one on my 08' Expedition since the wife does not
care for a laptop on her lap for 8+ hours. A RAM mount is nice, I have one
in my work truck but it does take up space for passenger leg room. I would
like it mounted IN DASH but if I pull out the stock radio I lose the rear
controls and would need to duplicate the FM/AM/CD accessability even if I
were to do put a FM/AM tuner in the MiniITX/or USB. If you own an 08'
Expedition you know that there is VERY little spare room unless you remove
the trunk plastic pannels. Very little underdash room, nothing inside of the
center console, 0% room under the seats, air bags every which way you turn
If you mount the LCD on the dash you will probably get washout most of the
time not to mention a theft target, if you mount it anywhere else you will
block the air bag or some dashboard control.

Kenwood makes a great in-dash infotainment system but ALAS even though it is
a computer you can't load up your own software in it. Wonder if it could be
hacked to install Linux software?

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  Here is some more info on the CarPC.

  Traditionally CarPC's were dominated by Mini ITX motherboards.
  Their low power consumation and cool running (fanless) with PCMCIA
  slot were ideal for harsh auto environments.

  Intel has produced a MB in the same form factor that is about $75
  and had good success.  Intel D201GLY2A  Both are still popular.

  The hard drive is usually the item that could go first.  I have never lost
  Some folks are using a compact flash on linux or modify XP or 98 to
  limit write cycles to the memory.

  Having a broadband card in the system makes the CarPC really special.
  Besides, media playback and GPS, once you get online then weather radar,
  talking email, web, webcam, echolink - just about anything can happen in
the car.

  Wifi is cool for obvious reasons but people have written programs that
  you pull in the driveway it will autoconnect your CarPC and download any
  podcasts etc that may have come in on your home pc.

  I would remote desktop to my shack and with Skype listen to dx on the

  In the winter when the LCD screen starts it will be a little dark and slow
  it warms up.  The LCD is a touchscreen but I also have a trackball and
mini keyboard
  on the center console.

  There are a lot of "frontends" that people build that turn the PC into a
  center with buttons for all the possible things you would want to run in
the car.

  If your interested - go for it - it is a very rewarding project.

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