[aprssig] LCD in the car

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 22 13:57:04 EDT 2008

Thanks for this posting.  The laptop I have needs a
new battery.  All the power it will get is from the
AC/DC adapter plugged into it.  When I tell the OS
(XP) to shut down, it shuts down and the only thing
that will turn it back on is to push the on/off switch
on the laptop case.  If the computer isn't in reach
(The way I want it to be) I need to have some way to
remotely turn it on after I shut it down or there is a
power glitch that turns it off.


--- Michael Hatzakis Jr MD <lists at hatzakis.net> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I've been doing this for a few years and works
> fairly well.  I've got an
> inexpensive Innovatek 7" tough screen mounted to my
> dash with a tiny Dell
> Inspiron in my trunk with a 12v power adapter.  
> I have the desk adapter drilled the back of my back
> seat, so when the seat
> folds down, I can access it flat.  I opened the
> laptop case and soldered a
> wire to the on-off switch and put a small switch on
> my dash to turn on-off
> and to reset.  I've got a small RF mouse and a
> keyboard in the glove box
> when I need it.  Otherwise the touch works ok, not
> great.  
> The PC has engine diagnostics loaded onto it with a
> connection to the
> engine, a mapping program with GPS and a terminal
> program for my TNC and for
> RTTY, among other things.  I've also got Winlink
> loaded with a remote to my
> IC-706.  It's quite a lot of fun, but a little heavy
> on the maintenance.
> Some little thing breaks down but usually easy to
> fix.  
> With regard to the power issue, with a laptop, when
> power goes off, the
> battery kicks in.  Although, I did wire a power-on
> delay circuit to reduce
> the garbage with ignition.  Basically, it is a 555
> timer with a relay and
> waits 8 seconds to switch to auto 12v so as to allow
> me time to start the
> car.  
> I'll try to take some photos and send it to the
> list.
> Michael  K3MH
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> Hi,
> Will someone explain how they are turning on and off
> their computers if they are remotely mounted
> physically away from the display screen like under a
> seat or in the trunk?  The way I understand
> computers
> is that they have a physical on/off switch.  If they
> lose power such as through an ignition sensed relay
> they shut off until you push the switch to turn them
> back on.
> Thanks,
> Chris 

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