[aprssig] 8 hour Backup Power Rule

Joel Maslak jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net
Tue Mar 18 07:48:38 EDT 2008

On Mar 17, 2008, at 8:32 PM, Steve Noskowicz wrote:

>    NOTE:, these systems will be useless well before the 8 hours is  
> up - pretty
> much immediately, because they will be overloaded.  The user-to- 
> channel ratio
> is somewhere around 50 in the systems I was familiar with [it's called
> trunking], so only 1/50 or only 2&% of the users can get service in an
> emergency.  At Northern Illinois University during the Feb  
> shootings, many
> students couldn't get service for quite a while to let their  
> parents know they
> were ok.

Hence the reason for WPS (of course you can't get that in Wyoming  
where I am...) - although that certainly isn't perfect either.

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