[aprssig] 8 hour Backup Power Rule

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Mar 17 14:43:12 EDT 2008

For radio equipment alone, that doesn't seem too tough.  I've got a 
couple of 84 AH marine deep cycle batteries that are my main radio power 
backup.  Those will keep the TS430 running for a while.  I have yet to 
try charging them from the DC output on the generator, though.

The only time I've *ever* gotten any decent DX with my current setup is 
when we had a widespread power outage earlier this year.  I fired up the 
rig on battery power, and heard more than I've ever been able to get 
before.  Guess the cheesy dipole isn't my biggest problem after all!


John Galvin wrote:
> For many years now we have specifying 12 hours of back-up. I have to 
> believe that the Ham community is way ahead of the FCC on this one.
> Regards, John - N5TIM
> Garland RACES Radio Officer

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