[aprssig] ARPS No Points for Field day

dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Thu Mar 13 02:54:52 EDT 2008

>1/  Educate people on the use of  APRS in general
>2/ Train them on the use of APRs in an Emergency 

A few years back we set up 2 computers at our local field day on RF.
Personally, I had a lot of fun. We separated the two boxes and the kids
went nuts. It sure attracted a lot of interest for an area that wasn't on
the map a whole lot. We had a lot of questions from everyone including
the die-hard once a year hams.

A wi-fi connection is easy to setup and Google Earth was a mind blower.
Everyone wanted to see where they lived on our maps as seen from space.
I could go on and on... but if you want an attraction at Field Day, that
will definitely do it. The plus side is that my APRS friend runs the local
IGate and I run APRSWest a Tier 2 server and 2 mountain top digis.

Was great fun, points or no points! Do it... It's sick <g>.

Dick, KB7ZVA

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