[aprssig] Data cable for Garmin GPS V

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 20:19:59 EDT 2008

I have never used a HamHUD but I hooked up my GPS V for the first time in
years this weekend when I installed my new D710 Kenwood. Funny thing
considering the GPS V is not the latest GPS, never thought it would do it
but I connected the data in to the Kenwood's GPS data out lead and after
setting Waypoints to 6 characters my small monochrome GPS started plotting
APRS stations.

Way too small to be usefull while driving but it was still interesting to
the Data in is more than for just the DGPS option.


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         Looking for information on building a cable to connect my
Garmin GPS V to my HamHUD.

         The GPS V has four pins --
         + -- for power input
         - -- for power ground
         Data in (for DGPS receiver, etc)
         Data out (to TNC)

         It's been several years since I built one of these -- isn't
there a "data ground"?  And does it simply connect to the same pin as
the "power ground"?

         And -- which pin on the DB-25 is meant for data in?  Data out?


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