[aprssig] SmartPalm Testers Needed

Mike Fenske mfenske at telus.net
Tue Mar 4 15:06:09 EST 2008

Hello All. 

I have made some changes to SmartPalm (http://smartpalm.sourceforge.net/), a non-mapping APRS client for Palm devices. I am looking for some people to test the changes before they are made official.

Here are some of the changes: 
- ability to display in metric units
- decoding of mic_e packets
- decoding of compressed packets
- the ability to use a "digi echo" (of your own station) as a position fix for calculating distance/bearing to other received station.
- Pop-up alert when APRS bulletin is received.

Also some bug fixes in KISS decoding and distance calculation.

Currently, I am using SmartPalm as a display of received packets with my OT2m (http://www.argentdata.com/products/tracker2.html). The OT2m handles the beaconing with a Garmin GPS connected to port B. My Palm is connected to Port A (in KISS mode). With this setup, APRS stations are plotted on the GPS display (Waypoint output) ans SmartPalm decodes and displays the incoming packets. Information in the SmartPalm display includes received stations call, course & speed, bearing & distance, digi path and comment/status text.

If anyone is able to test these changes for me, let me know and I will send you my latest version (and source code too if you like!)


Mike Fenske

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