[aprssig] APRS Voice Alert Explained, in short

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 31 20:34:56 EDT 2008

On my D700 and D7 my way of dealing with what, if any packets I hear on 
144.39, and not messing with menus to turn tone off/on, is to have 3 
adjacent memory channels programmed to that frequency.

1 with no tone (if I want to hear everything for diagnostics, etc)

1 with with 100Hz CT (voice alert)

1 with a non-100Hz ct to block pretty much everything out from audio.

I simply have to tune up or down a Memory channel or 2 to get the 
desired level of audio packets for the situation.

I don't have a D710, but from what I've seen that should work for it as 


Joseph M. Durnal wrote:
   That is one disadvantage to the D710, it isn't as
> easy to turn off voice alert once you have it on, which leads to folks
> just turning down the volume.

Randy Allen, KAØAZS

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