[aprssig] What is happening ? (long delayed packets)

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Thu Jul 31 11:05:40 EDT 2008

I may not understand what you are saying in your post.  Are you saying that an IGate should put NOGATE in its path when gating a packet to RF?  This is not necessary and is not supported by most IGates (different paths for gated packets vs. non-gated packets).  IGates gate packets to RF as third-party packets which other IGates (and the javAPRSSrvr server software) will not pass in APRS-IS if they are properly formatted third-party packets (TCPIP in the third-party header).

If this was an issue with ZL1VFO gating to APRS-IS, you would see different entry points for the first copy of the packets and ZL1VFO as the sole introducer of the dupe packets.  Instead, ZL1VFO is the point-of-entry for all of the packets which should lead people to examine what is common among the dupe packets that is not present in the non-dupe packets.  As I pointed out in my previous post, the single constant in the dupe packets that is not seen in the non-dupe packets is that the dupe packets have been digipeated by ZL1BQE.  Therefore, any diagnostic search for the source of the delayed packets should start there.  While ZL1BQE may not be the source of the problem, it is that station's digipeat that is consistent throughout all of the delayed packets and not seen in any of the "real-time" packets.


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> Another item is if packets get reversed gated, make sure that the
> reverse gating station uses NOGATE in any path.
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> >Some USB to serial converters can cause this.  If ZL1VFO is using
> >one of those it would be another thing to check.  Some Belkin and
> >similar cheap units have been known to be unreliable in this
> >regard.  Keyspan brand is good.

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