[aprssig] tactical call identifier packet

Wes Johnston wes at ai4px.com
Wed Jul 23 09:45:03 EDT 2008

Could we create a new packet type that would force the display of a tactical callsign instead of an object's real callsign?  

For example... if I want to map ai4px-9 to "wes' car" on my display, I can do it on each client, but I have to program each client to know when it sees ai4px-9 to display wes car.  What if there was a packet that could "suggest" tactical calls.  I could program one client to send packets which the rest would see and they'd know which tactical calls to display w/o me having to program each one.  Yes, it's a little extra overhead on 144.39.

The reasoning for this is to do with rfid badges.  It would be extremely simple to use a serial RFID reader, such as the one sold by parallax to spit out the badge serial number.  An attached open track (Whoops... I've just volunteered Scott for this, eh?) could construct an aprs packet using a canned (and pseudo randomized GPS position) and that badge number.  To aprs clients it would appear as an object (like what I do with the rino radios) with a "faked" position.  It would be nice if the open tracker knew the badge ID number and converted it to a callsign, but I feel that's impractical given the memory constraints of the tracker.    And, you'd have to program each tracker with a list of expected badge numbers and which callsigns they map to.  This could be problematic when new folks come to help in an event.

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