[aprssig] Newest model Garmin that works with d710?

Bob Snyder rsnyder at toontown.erial.nj.us
Tue Jul 22 16:55:58 EDT 2008

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 08:33:40PM +0000, w2kb at comcast.net wrote:
> The 496 has audio and screen street navigation, and serial interface.  It is not inexpensive.  

"not inexpensive." Nicely understated. :-D  Here's an example site
selling them, since you're not going to find them at your typical GPS

Is it really only the aviation Garmins that still have serial ports?
Wow, that's a bit disappointing, even if not unexpected with the
disappearance of serial.

It looks like the 296 and up can do serial and have the ability to do
automobile navigation, although they may need to have the map software
purchased and maps loaded on a memory card. Now whether they can take
the output of a Kenwood APRS radio and display it is a different


(hoping against reason for a 596 to be released at Oshkosh next week
before spending way too much money on a GPS)

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