[aprssig] Mic-E Issues

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 15 21:32:31 EDT 2008

>> Is this base 91 compatiable with Mic-e ? 
>> Many out there would be wondering 

All APRS formats are compatible.  They get converted to LAT/LONG
and the same text on receipt.  I am leary of using the base-91
compressed encoding because it had been used so rarely, and
enough authors are no longer supporting their code, that I worry
as to whether a base-91 encoded position will be properly
received by all parties.

And if one does not have full confidence that what he transmits
will be received, then it's a little iffy to use it in my
opinon.  For example, the older Kenwoods do not properly decode
a "compressed-base-91 OBJECT".  SO no one should ever use
base-91 compression for an object or 85% of the mobiles will not
see it... 


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