[aprssig] Mic-E Issues

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jul 15 17:22:02 EDT 2008

      Its good to see someone cares, the biggest problem is that too many
are set and forget and don't know where to go and look at all these very
helpful tools.

If every Tracker supplier put the following sites in their supplied files as
a Note this would make many aware of the tools and it would  cut back on the
repetitive questions and I am sure it will help them look at their problems.


No doubt there are more if there are please post them .

The experience I have had is mainly with TT 1 . 2 , 3  and open code

Just about all of these suffer from RFI  and at times I have seen the
configs trashed and also the main hex code, the common thing here
with the units I have seen is the plastic housing, nearly all the units have
a puck type GPS. similar to the TT supplied units

 I run 2 Fox Delta Trackers housed in a metal box supplied with the kit  and
I haven't suffered any RFI , there are no ferrites on any leads its an ad
hoc setup under the seat bouncing around . Same puck GPS, Icom 22s  10 watts
on a Colinear antenna.

The other big problem is those that leave their trackers running 24/7 in
vehicles or wired to the ignition and at start up there is a voltage sag and
a spike again I have seen this change the behavior of trackers


_...  - (A space) is the original Mic-E
>...  - TH-D7
]...  - TM-D700
]...= - TM-D710
]...  - existing TinyTrak3's (look like D700's)
?...  - Opentrak?
?...  - Others?

How come this has happened  was it an over site ?  

Curt, WE7U

The Opentracker and Tracker2 devices support Base-91 Compressed
packets instead of Mic-E.

Is this base 91 compatiable  with Mic-e ? 
Many out there would be wondering 

73 Phillip
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