[aprssig] RFID antennas

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 14 23:43:32 EDT 2008

> I would question the need for such a device. 
> I can see it being used at something like Dayton...
> but I wonder if there is a significant enough 
> collection of Hams in other avenues to justify the cost.
> Where do you see this system used?

First thoughts that come to mind are at the door to the clubhouse, the EOC (we have 3, county, city and state).  At the mobile comm vans, the HQ and other gathering points for emergency comms.  At each checkpoint in any ham supported event.  At hamfests..

Then there are applications where we loan our badges to things or people that need to be tracked.  Not just hams.  

By rolling our own systems, my guess is we could get the readers down to the price of a tracker or so.  The point is, that it would be a new capability that we have never had before, so we dont really know what all the applications would be.  Kinda like barcodes invented for grocerystores, but then they became to be used everywhere for all kinds of applications...


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