[aprssig] OT: RE: PIC processor for APRS info for D-STAR mobiles?

Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Wed Jul 9 12:26:51 EDT 2008

Not at the moment Rich, but I could probably find some more protective
suit's, or even a bomb proof bunker if there was a crowd of us!..  ;-)


Dave G0WBX. 

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> From: Rich Garcia
> I am sorry Dave but I got to agree with you! :-) Got any room 
> in that suit for a few more people?
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> From: Dave Baxter
> Hmmmmm....
> Following this thread....
> Is it just me, I am getting less and less impressed with the idea of
> D-STAR, for anything, voice and/or data.   Seems an awfull lot of fuss
> and expense, to do again what we can do already in the 
> (currently out of fassion) analogue world, well, most of it.
> Notwithstanding the propritary voice codec used.
> Dave G0WBX said that!   (Flame suit and fire extinguisher at 
> the ready)
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