[aprssig] Yet another th-d7 thread

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What we heard out of Dayton seems to indicate that there is a replacement 
planned, but they don't have the go-ahead to work on it.  That means time 
for development and time for construction.

The new Yaesu is unproven and won't be available until late July at the 
earliest.  I don't think the Bluetooth options will be worth it, and I 
wanted a radio for my wife that is close to the display on the D700A she is 
familiar with.

 We picked up two of the D7A(g) radios at AES out of Las Vegas.  They are 
out there but they will be getting harder to find now.


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> My HT died over the weekend..  Terrible timing since I blew my ham
> budget back at Dayton..
> So I'm looking around at all of the radios out today and notice that
> Universal Radio's page for the TH-D7AG was updated today:
> Note:
> Kenwood USA had indicated that the TH-D7AG is discontinued. We only have
> 2 units left and they are factory sealed. Please call for pricing.
> [07/07/08].
> Anyone hear of a new model?  I think its a bit odd to discontinue a
> model without even mentioning a replacement, but maybe they've had
> delays..  Even so I'm thinking that it (along with the VX-8R) are too
> far out and too expensive for my current need, but curiosity has the
> best of me.
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