[aprssig] PIC processor for APRS info for D-STAR mobiles?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jul 5 12:00:00 EDT 2008

> What Bob refuses to accept is the fact that this 
> information is not carried over the portion of 
> digital voice stream the user has access to.  
> ... The radios in GPS mode also expose this 
> information (callsign and canned message) over 
> the user accessible data portion of the digital 
> voice stream, but the radios do not use this 
> exposed information.  

That was the point of my post.  That is, to add an external PIC
to use this "exposed information" for external displays on
either Maping GPS's, TEXT messaging GPS's, or HAMHUDS  or even
laptops all of which have their own displays external to the
DSTAR radio.  And the PIC or program that would do the
translating we would have full control over...

You are correct that I am dependent on those who have D-STAR
radios to tell us how it works, but if some form of data is
"exposed" as you suggest, then we should be able to exploit it

> trying to use the radio's display for 2-way communications 
> is not only futile, it is misguided and exhibits a strong 
> lack of understanding...  I am sorry that someone who this 
> group highly respects would push logic and understanding 
> aside to pursue something that has already been explained to 
> him why it does not work that way.

I think you missinterpreted my post.  My post was calling for an
external display driven by a pic processor to take advantage of
the "exposed GPS information" which you noted above.

And once we develop the how-to-do-it and formats, then we could
approach ICOM and ask them to give us access to the displays in
future models.  I like to be open minded about what can be done.
If there is something in the way, then lets work around it and
eventually have the goal of fixing it.

The goal is a Ham Radio infromation system for the mobile
operators.   If a HAM radio has an "exposed" digital channel,
then I'd like to be creative with lots of things we can use it
for.  I'd like to see future radios working towards that common
goal of common diplays of surrounding local information.


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