[aprssig] PIC processor for APRS info for D-STAR mobiles?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 4 23:21:10 EDT 2008

D-PRS by Pete and D-GATE by Rich have done a wonderful job of
bringing D-STAR mobiles over onto the APRS maps.  I am starting
to see more and more of these mobiles on APRS.

But now as Yeasu joins Kenwood as anotehr TWO-WAY APRS radio,
displaying local information to the front panel for the mobile
operator, I am wondering what we can do for displaying useful
local info to the D-STAR operators?

Pete tells me that the display of other-station info on the
D-STAR radios is poor if non-existant, and so presently D-PRS is
one-way only.  But some of those operators use GPS units with
map displays just like APRS operators.  I think Scott has even
figured out how to display text messages on the NUVI GPS units?
Maybe a HAMHUD version could be re-programmed and added to
D-STAR radios to hels as an APRS type local info display. 

Some of our PIC experts could program a PIC processor to watch
the D-STAR data channel GPS info and at least do a conversion to
WAYPOINT or even GARMIN or AVMAP format and send it over to the
GPS.  This way, the D-STAR operator could see on his GPS map the
same thing the rest of APRS users are seeing on their GPS maps.
Then D-PRS and D-GATE could start doing some two-way gating and
conversion to take advantage of this display capability?

Any PIC guys with time on their hands?

Oh, and I would love to see someone with an ICOM D-STAR radio
take some pictures of the front panel showing us all the
possible INFO displays.  IE, what do they show when another
D-STAR radio with GPS sends its data?  We should be able to find
a way to exploit those displays somehow...  But I don't have
such a radio and have never seen what they show...


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