[aprssig] APRS Frequency info?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 4 23:02:12 EDT 2008

> > http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/localinfo.html.
> It might help if the web page cited was something 
> other than a rambling stream of consciousness...

Good point.  Things on my APRS web pages first come to light as
fuzzy ideas.  Then a web page goes up.  THen as we learn and
refine, more and more gets added.  I agree, the result is a
ramble.  Ill try to clean it up a bit.  But it should be noted
that that page serves two purposes.

1) Educate all of HAM Radio, (not just APRS users) about the
importance that Frequency can have in our daily communications.
That was the original ARRL initiative to which we responded
after Katrina.  

2) Show people how to do it.

OK, I tried to smooth up the details of the settings.  But I
couldn't get rid of the background preceeding it, since I point
to this web page all the time for non-APRS users and ARRL VIP's
to hope they get the value of APRS in communicating local
frequency info...

> punctuated by a series of fuzzy low-contrast, 
> low-res images of radio front panels.   

You are right, some of them were taken with a Kenwood VCH-1 SSTV
camera over a decade ago.  That is all I had at the time.  But
on the other hand, they sure load quickly!  I for one, prefer
speed over image bloat any time especially when all we are
showing is text anyway.  Kinda like the amateur mantra of using
the minimum bandwidth to communicate...  I scrunch 
All 2 MB photos by 16:1 or more before placing on my web pages.

I would welcome any better photo contributions.  The ECHOLINK
and IRLP photos on the D7 need to be re-shot since I left out
the FREQUENCY on the second line....  Kinda silly, since that
was the whole point.  And I only just noticed that tonight!

> A template with the exact format of this kind of frequency 
> object, along with a couple of example strings, needs to be 
> the FIRST item on the page.

I take your suggestions and cleaned up the presentation a
little... But still, the formats come after intro and
background, since that is the main point of this page to APRS
and non-APRS users alike.  We need to get out the word that the
concept of operating frequency is as equally an important
parameter about any station at least as important as his LAT and

After all, we have radios to commnicate.  And we have to know
frequency to do that... Not just put little icons on FINDU.

I'll keep tweaking it if I can...


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