[aprssig] Preventing D700 & GPS Resets - Mobile

Hasan Schiers schiers at netins.net
Wed Jan 30 20:21:43 EST 2008

I have noticed a recurring problem with both my D700 and Garmin GPS-162, 
every time I start my new vehicle (2007 Taurus). Both are powered via the 
accessory/cig light plug (all of my prior aprs setups using this same 
equipment have been powered the same way, with no difficulties). When I 
start the car, (if the D700 and GPS are already on), they both turn off. I'm 
also not especially fond of what transients might be hitting them, in 
addition to the loss of power.

As a cure I thought about adding the MFJ 4403 voltage conditioner, which has 
4 Farads of capacitance on the line. It looks to me like this might cure the 
problem and protect against transients as well.

Has anyone tried one of these for this purpose, or does anyone have any 
thoughts on this proposed solution?


...hasan, N0AN 

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