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Jim Duncan jdbandman at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 30 11:16:37 EST 2008

Thanks for your thoughts, Wes. I posted this information to this forum because the KCAWG has a long track history of high-level involvement in APRS and participation on this list and in APRS affairs. I respect the opinions of those who think this topic did not belong on this list and apologize to any who have been offended. Because our primary purpose is APRS and our/my long-standing relationship with this list I felt that it was appropriate to post the information here.

The moral of the story is this: if you have a club license be sure that you protect it by asking FCC to place the callsign on monitored status. This will prevent the ULS from automatically issuing a grant to others and automatically flags any changes for review by WTB before a grant will be issued.

Jim Duncan, KU0G
Chairman, KC APRS Working Group

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  Jim, I appreciate your frustration in this whole matter, and I am glad you have prevailed (truely).  That said, this really is dirty laundry and not on topic for APRS.  This would be more on topic on one of the QRZ forums or other general ham radio forums.

  73's OM

  On 1/30/08, Jim Duncan <jdbandman at earthlink.net> wrote: 
    Having previously posted a notice to this group I wanted to make a final
    follow-up to the status of the fraudulent application filing in which an
    attempt was made to take over the KC APRS Working Group's club station
    license, W0APR, by unauthorized persons.

    Today I received a telephone call from Terry Fishel of W.T.B. I am
    pleased to report to you that F.C.C. has set aside the application for
    license and grant to the wrongful applicant effective January 25, 2008,
    and have restored the W0APR license to it's rightful licensees, the KC
    APRS Working Group.

    KCAWG filed a complaint with F.C.C. requesting a review of the license
    grant in which we show that neither the applicant nor his co-signer (a
    13-year-old amateur) were members or officers of, nor were they acting
    upon the authority or appointment of any of the legitimate officers of

    The applicant has been sent a certified letter advising that the
    automatic grant has been set aside. A true copy of the letter is now
    available on the F.C.C. ULS system for anyone who wishes to review it.

    We are expecting to hear further from the Commission on what action(s),
    if any, it will take with regard to the applicant and the co-signer.
    Similar case determinations in the past two years, however, have
    resulted in the applicants licenses being revoked.

    The bottom line: F.C.C. relies upon the honesty of applicants and does
    not hesitate to take action when there are questions regarding whether
    or not statements made on an application are truthful.

    We appreciate the Commission's swift action in this matter as well as
    the personal attention afforded us by Mr. Hollingsworth and Mr. Fishel.
    Jim Duncan, KU0G
    Kansas City APRS Working Group

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