[aprssig] RE: 6 meter APRS or meteorscater?

Earl Needham earl_needham at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 10:34:37 EST 2008

At 08:00 1/24/2008, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>Regarding Digipeating on Meteor Scatter:
> > And yet another possibility is to allow the
> > transmitting station to see his OWN packet
> > come back at him, thus showing that he
> > was heard.  This is pretty handy, too.
>Yes, but that scenario won't work here.  The sending station
>will probably be transmitting 30 copies of the same packet in
>one continuous key-down TX for 15 seconds per minute.  If one of
>those gets through, then it will still be transmitting when the
>rare digipeat might occur.  So it wont hear it.

         Oh!  I didn't follow this thread as closely as I should 
have, and I didn't realize you're talking about Meteor Mode.  You're 
right, using meteor mode doesn't need a digi.

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