[aprssig] info for TM-D710E in car

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Wed Jan 23 11:13:52 EST 2008

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008, Dave Baxter wrote:

> The following device IS the solution to the problem stated by IK1AQI and
> IZ1CQY :
> 	            http://www.aprsworld.com/apo3/
> Nope, that is NOT the solution to the radio loosing it's settings and
> not updating it's postion data from the GPS, after a power dip during
> engine cranking.

It won't fix the problem after it occurs, but it could prevent it
from happening in a lot of cases.  The radio doesn't get power until
a few seconds after the engine starts and the power buss comes up to

Perhaps it won't work (for undervoltage while starting) if you are
turning off the engine for only a short time and then starting
again:  The APO3 might not have turned off yet due to time or
voltage.  I run an APO2 in my Jeep which keeps power to my radio
until the voltage goes below a preset level, which can be 20 minutes
or more.  I don't know if the APO3 is identical in it's operation to
the APO2.  Someone with an APO3 might comment on that.

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