[aprssig] RE: D710a Question Redux

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 22 10:36:59 EST 2008


I think there was an excellent reply to his on the SIG that not
only answered the question, but also the commands needed to set
it up...  I have not used the external input jack so cannot
comment on personal experience.

> When the D710a is in APRS mode, is the data 
> terminal on the back of the radio active as 
> well? 

Yes, when set up with the right command.

> Can that jack be used for injecting data and  
> keying the radio while in APRS mode? 

I don't know.  I don't think so for data, but with an external
TNC connected to the audio and PTT, it should.

> ...to use a TinyTrak3 to control the transmit 
> instead of the built-in algorithms while still  
> getting the benefit of the front panel APRS data display.

You can use the D710 display on any radio for APRS, so you can
connect it and the tiny track to any other radio and get this.
So if you are only conecting to the audio parts of the external
D710 connector, then you should be able to do that too on the



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