[aprssig] Better of two GPS units for high speed aircraft?

Kriss A Kliegle kliegle at verizon.net
Mon Jan 21 10:37:34 EST 2008

I was testing my Deluo GPS with laptop and Opentracker while on my trip the other day and found that that GPS unit (not the Deluo Universal GPS PRO SiRF Star III that N1VG currently is selling but previous model) will not re-establish its position while under motion faster than 250 kts. Due to ATC, we had to make some +90 degree turns and once it lost it's GPS lock, it would never come back until our speed was reduced. either for landing or holding over central MI. Anybody have experience w/the Garmin -18 or the newer Deluo unit he's selling now with aquiring SATs while under motion. I've noticed the same unit in all my vehicles takes several minutes (even at automobile speeds) to lock on after powering up. The GPS unit is placed in a large, unheated side window of the flightdeck, and can only see 1/2 the sky at a time in level flight. Steep turns to left typically cause it to unlock.

Kriss KA1GJU
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