[aprssig] RTrak Now Available for Order

Jason Rausch jason at ke4nyv.com
Thu Jan 17 22:26:41 EST 2008

RPC Electronics is happy to announce that we are
taking pre-orders for our brand new RTrak All-In-One 

APRS tracker.

The RTrak is the first true all in one APRS tracking
device consisting of an internal GPS, 2M(VHF)
transmitter and APRS capable modem.  The entire
package is built into a tough aluminum housing
123x78x27 mm (LxWxH) in size and weighing a total of
206g or 7.25oz.  The connector end has a
professionally milled end panel with engraved labeling
that should prove to hold up to the harshest abuse.

The RTrak was designed around three important

1. OpenTracker APRS tracker - Scott Miller N1VG has
created a remarkable APRS tracker fitting in the
footprint of a standard 28 pin DIP package.  This
micro version includes all of the functions of it's
larger, through-hole brother, minus the on-board
temperature sensor.  Other included features are:
SmartBeaconing, Static Beacon Rates, Source Voltage
through on-board ADC (reportable in the comment
field), A whole host of profile switching options,
Timeslotting and many more.

2. SRB MX-146 2m Transmitter - A brand new company
called Small RF Budget has come out with a tiny,
wonderful 2m transmitter module that is bound to catch
on fast.  This little module measures roughly 1x2
inches and provides 500mW of power.  The transmitter
is programmable through an I2C bus for frequency
programming and control.  The ability to change
frequency "On the fly" enables the RTrak to beacon on
dual frequencies, at dual rates.  This is very useful
for trackers that need to beacon more often than
acceptable on the APRS network.  The RTrak can be
setup to transmit at a normal rate on the main
frequency and more frequently on an alternate

3. Trimble Copernicus GPS - This is the latest in
micro "stamp sized" GPS chipsets from Trimble
Navigation.  This GPS is Sirf based and WILL work at
high altitudes.  It has a fast cold start time of
roughly 30 seconds from the time of power up.

The RTrak has two high quality, gold plated SMA
connectors for the GPS and 2m radio antennas.  We
include everything that you need to get started.  You
only have to supply the 2m antenna of your choice.  We
suggest a 5/8 type of whip antenna for mobile
operation.  Supply power can be anywhere between

Here is what you get in the RTrak package:

RTrak APRS Tracker
Micro Magnetic GPS Patch Antenna
Programming Cable
Lighter Plug Power Cord
Paper Manual

Package Price: $250 + Shipping

Since this is a first run, we will be selling the
first batch on a pre-order basis.  When you order,
your name and quantity ordered will be placed on our
"Pending Orders" page.  As we receive, fill and ship
orders, we will update the page with the status.  At
any given time, you will be able to see what the
status of your order is.  Please allow at least six
weeks for delivery.  We will do our best to ship

If you would like to order, please visit the RTrak
order page at:


We do accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Please feel free to email us with questions.

Thank You!
Jason KE4NYV
RPC Electronics

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