[aprssig] APRS on Rovers

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 16 19:42:08 EST 2008

As everyone knows by now, the ARRL has authorized Rovers to TX-only their position and allowed Multi-Operator Class stations to receive it via RF or via Internet.  With the contest coming up this weekend, I thought I'd float some strategies to consider.

1. HamIM (simplex full-feature APRS on a simplex RF frequency) is fully VHF Contesting compliant and usable by all categories of competitors on 147.585 MHz.  However...this is about APRS, so...

2. APRS Rovers: When inputting your call sign, append it with "-15".  If you have an APRS station with -15 already...simply change it. :)  If all rovers use "-15" it will be significantly easier to ID you.

3. APRS Rovers: When selecting your display symbol (in APRS, the transmitting station sends a token that is translated into a symbol on the RX end), select the "Little Puppy".  This can be done in several ways: "GPSLP" or "/p" (you'll know which one applies to your particular situation...I'll spare the lists from the detail.

4. APRS Multi-Operator Stations: If you have Internet access, bookmark the following URL:  http://www.findu. com/cgi-bin/ symbol.cgi? icon=/p  This is a list of all stations IDing with the "puppy" symbol.  Scan the list for those with "-15" at the end and you've found the Rovers!

If you don't have Internet access, then power-up on RF (!) APRS (144.39) with the knowledge that your KW's on 144.200 will likely totally wipe out your APRS receiver, but you never know what may sneak in, between your contest CQ's. :)  Avoid QRMing your SSB operations by setting up your APRS station to RX-only.  If you are unaware of the various APRS clients available...try one of the following:

-- Windows --
APRS-SCS: http://www.tapr.org/~kb2scs
UI-View: http://www.uiview.org
-- Linux --
-- Mac --

Hope this helps.  C U this weekend!

Kind regards,
Ev Tupis, W2EV

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